Experiences from Season 3

Deciphering India | The Mannerism,How To Fold Banana Leaf After Eating | Kerala Sadya

My recent tour Kerala Blog Express of Kerala : The Gods Own Country courtesy Kerala Tourism is not yet concluded , or may be i am not letting it to...

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Experiences from Season 1

Skywatch friday | lovely Sunset Guiding Our Kerala blog Express

What else could be more scenic than a sunset , i have always wondered and i am still amazed every time I see a new avatar of it. Orange has never b...

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Deciphering India | Why Eat With Hands And How …… Specially When In India

I had never imagined that i would be writing this blog ever in my life , infact no Indian ever thinks that the way they eat by their hand is so spe...

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Theyyam , an expression of immortal souls by mortals | Kerala Blog Express

Never been scared so much the way i was watching the Theyyam , which was organised specially for us by the Vythiri Village , where our blogger grou...

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Sunset | The Leela | Kerala | Kerala Blog Express

i don’t know why i have this fascination for watching Sunrise and Sunset , may be its the serene and calm moment which attracts me most. I have bee...

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