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16th March 2014

i don’t know why i have this fascination for watching Sunrise and Sunset , may be its the serene and calm moment which attracts me most. I have been to many places where i have longed for Sunset and Sunrise pictures , though sometimes have missed as well either because of weather or me getting late.

Presently being in Kerala for Kerala Blog Express tour with 27 other travel bloggers from 13 different nations , and every thing has been planned in such a way that we don’t miss any moment which is supposed to be caught in camera , Kudos to kerala tourism for arranging and managing such a nicely knit plan for us.

It was the day one of our tour when we were visiting around different resorts and hotels of Kerala , one famous for its floating rooms on the backwater and another for its food and the last resort and favourite of mine was The Leela of Trivendrum , where we would be clicking the Sunset. It won’t be wrong if i say that finding a sunset view in kerala is the easiest part for any , after every single kilometer one would find a different view of sunset , i think may be maximum views a state could provide in India.

We had reached The Leela i think at 6pm and it was still half hour left for sun to go down into the sea and give us the best view of it, enough time for me to understand the exposure compensation and set my camera.

First shot… sun was still quite up

Started with this shot , clouds coming in front of giving sun a cut marks , this view is always amazing , though i still waiting for that day when a flying bird would enter into the frame right in front of sun , wait is on and i am patient enough after all its the main factor for a Photographer.

Right time is about to come

Right time was about to come and i was playing with my camera’s Aperture and exposure compensation getting different shades of orange and yellow , mingling with water which was not blue now , loving the rays of sun drawing a path in the ripples of water.

But this today i was in different mood , its always good to take sunset view with a subject in front , and as there was no bird coming in between me and sun so why not bring something of my own.

Prasad NP of Desitraveler … My subject

Only a photographer can understand the feelings of a photographer , and this time the help came from Mr.Prasad NP of ” Desi traveler ” Blog , who is also with me on the Kerala blog Express bus and i am learning a lot of new techniques from him.

I asked him to be my subject for a while , it was he only who guided me in technical details for clicking this shot , and this is what i got.

Roxanne Bamboat of The Tiny Taster

But things were not getting over here , i kept on looking for some more subjects which i could get in between me and sun , unintentional subjects to whom i wont be telling to pose for me , and suddenly i saw somebody moving in front of my view , almost giving the same pic to me but here i had the freedom of shifting myself.

After clicking when i looked at the person , it was another very famous blogger of our India , Roxanne Bamboat of ” The Tiny Taster ” , a pic coming like a spy cam but giving me the one of the best shot.

By this time Sun had almost come down parallel to me , but i was still in search of some more of amazing shots and for that atlast i had to resort to my creativity and i started looking for some more subjects for me.

Bringing my creative ideas

Today while writing this blog i have started feeling proud for myself and bit confused as well that why i didn’t brought these creative ideas before on different locations , which i visited for sunset view.

May be the reason could be that i was not at The Leela , Trivendrum that time , whose Bar man was very smart enough to understand what i wanted to click when i asked for Water in a Wine glass , and it was his idea to pour some colour into it which brought this look to my picture.

Never Knew a wine stirrer could be so useful

All the time that Bar man was standing with me , and i was also keen to get my click being reviewed. Suddenly he came a word ” Sir if you don’t mind , shall i add something else to give you some different shots ” , wow that guy was great , he also knew it was getting monotonous clicking again n again same glass.

I never knew , this stirrer could become so helpfull to me and would give me such a nice shot.

My sunset had ended with this shot , after this sun had been enveloped by the clouds , so for me it was moving time now. But in the end i would like to thank to The Leela , Trivendrum for letting me and others visit their place. Truely never seen a better location of a resort , specially the sunset view, truely can’t find better view when in Kerala.

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