Skywatch friday | lovely Sunset Guiding Our Kerala blog Express

23rd May 2014

Sunset at Wayanad , Kerala , Guiding our Kerala Blog Express

What else could be more scenic than a sunset , i have always wondered and i am still amazed every time I see a new avatar of it. Orange has never been in my favourite colours list , though every time i see a new shade of Orange colour thanks to our mighty Sun god , its always warm and freshening and makes me craving for more and more of these beautifull scenes.

This time i was in in the land of Coconuts ” kerala ” for ” Kerala Blog Express “ tour, 15 days in bus and kerala bringing every shade of orange colour in my life. Was surprised to see every street and every corner has its own distinct sunset view and every challenging the other views.

Riding on the bus in wayanad forest reserve , waiting for Elephants to pass by , sitting on the front seat of bus. Never knew this click would be in my luck, though its from the moving bus and mirror reflection is there and one doubtful person also , who doubted my shot when i showed her this click.

Well whoever thinks whatever, i keep my camera settings preset in such a way that sudden clicks could come atleast in that way , that they could be in eligible condition to be processed later on, not in a dump situation.

Sun coming right in the middle of road like he has been guiding our bus , drawing map line to guide us to the best possible place from where I could click his another shade of orange with a drop of yellow colour added in it. That’s the special moments of Kerala which had lasted in my memories forever and which make me go back again and again.

This curiosity and fascination of sunset and sunrise will keep on growing and i would be always eager to visit all those places , like Wayanad or whole kerala , where i could feel again the beauty of sun. Kerala you are truely ” The Gods Own Country “.

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