The KBE Story

Revolutionizing the Road Less Travelled.


It began with a brainstorming session on the concept of familiarization trips that grew into a discussion on blogging and eventually resulted in the Kerala Blog Express.

The first foray in this direction was the Kerala Blog Camp held in 2008.  During this period, blogging was becoming popular and travel bloggers were in demand. Kerala Tourism invited around 125 Indian bloggers to spend a day on a houseboat to experience a day cruise. The event was well received by both online and offline media.

Its success gave birth to the Kerala Blog Express, which was designed as an annual event with international travel bloggers and an exclusive branded KBE bus. The first Blog Express generated a tremendous response with the creation of engaging and original content over the course of a few weeks. With six seasons completed, KBE has over 200 ambassadors, who have documented their journeys, experiences, and memories across conventional, digital and social media platforms in several different languages. The upcoming season of KBE will be the first one to be held after the pandemic.

The Kerala Blog Express has evolved since its inception. A bigger and better format was devised wherein two versions were conducted back to back, one aimed at international bloggers and another exclusive to India-based bloggers. This gives bloggers a better chance of being selected and also increases brand reach and domestic footfalls.

A blogger when travelling alone faces several challenges, from not knowing the language to lack of information on places to visit.  With the Kerala Blog Express, they have a carefully curated itinerary that gives them the complete Kerala experience. Every day begins with a yoga session followed by hands-on interaction with craftsmen, artisans and performing artists. The bloggers are also encouraged to try their hand at coir retting, tea leaf plucking, climbing coconut trees and many such rustic village life experiences. During the trip, they navigate the tranquil backwaters, explore spice-scented tea hills, wander through the wilderness, potter around local markets, and are introduced to mouth-watering cuisine, delicious desserts and riveting art forms.

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