If your idea of a perfect day is strolling the lanes of a strange city, trying out new adventures, making new friends and sampling the lip-smacking local cuisine, then Kerala Blog Express is tailor-made for you. The medium could be anything that suits your comfort; your epiphanies can be jotted down as a blog entry, vivid snapshots can be journaled to your Instagram page or you could capture that what moves you as a vlog. Here are some of the rustic experiences on offer.

Walk on the Green Side

Nature is the perhaps the protagonist of the Kerala Blog Express. With a unique topography that includes high mountains, gorges and deep-cut valleys to rolling hills, Kerala’s 38, 863 sq.km holds within itself a variety of landscapes that will offer you an intense encounter with nature. We urge you to get off the tourist trail and embrace off-beaten paths. Explore the many spice hills and breathtaking sanctuaries that cherish the soul of God’s Own Country

Travel Through the Prism of Art

In God’s Own Country art follows you from the very beginning of your journey. In the form of graffiti, temple processions, street plays, art is omnipresent. From mural paintings that are tucked away in the dark damp walls of palaces and temples, to various knick-knacks carefully crafted from coir and screwpine leaves, the state has showcased a deep insight in arts. The latest crowd charmer being the Kochi Muziris Biennale, an international exhibition of contemporary art that attracts over five lakh visitors every year. We encourage you to be a flaneur, to soak in the many colours that greet you.

Explore the Home of Ayurveda

Wellness, in God’s Own Country, is an everyday ritual, one that is practised diligently. Kerala can be called as the only place that has an unbroken tradition of Ayurveda. Owing to our deep-rooted Sanskrit heritage practitioners have continued to interpret the original Ayurvedic texts. In fact, Ashtangahridayam, the user-friendly treatise on Ayurveda, is commonly used in Kerala – its verses are familiar even to the common man. We help you experience a different concept of wellness, one that you can carry back home and imbibe in your everyday life.

Master the Art of Simple Living

Kerala remains the country’s tourism trendsetter with new initiatives, and one of the biggest success has been our Responsible Tourism (RT) project which was launched in the year 2008. It has helped Kerala win several prestigious awards including the UNWTO Ulysses Award for Excellence & Innovation in Tourism, the National Award for the Best Tourism Project and PATA Awards. Dear traveller, we take you right into the heart of Kerala and give you an insider’s perspective of the land. Here is a chance to explore, observe, discover, interact and learn. Get ready to be inspired by a fascinating culture and the simple ways of rural life. Prepare yourself to be charmed by rustic Kerala.

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