Good Things Guy Live – Episode 1

18th May 2017

After almost 3 years of running the “Good Stuff” desk at Cliffcentral, and writing up a “Good News” storm on GoodThingsGuy, I’ve decided to add one more weekly project to keep bringing you more good things!

It took 3 weeks in India with some of the top bloggers, vloggers and influences from around the world to convince me to put together a weekly Vlog and just like that, I grabbed a camera, a concept and put together my first ever Vlog with zero videography or editing skills.

That said I absolutely loved the creative process and more so… I am flipping excited to be sharing the very first episode of #GoodThingsGuyLive with all of you.

It’s a quick weekly video that showcases good things in news, locations and interviews, there may even be some behind the scenes stuff (and a few celebrity cameos).

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