Experiences from Season 4

Kerala becomes the first Indian state to declare Internet a basic human right

Kerala – the most literate state in India, has just declared Internet access as a basic right for every citizen just like food, education and water...

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Watch: Inspirational couple from Kerala who traveled 17 countries with next-to-nothing

This incredible couple from Kerala will not only inspire you to travel but will also remind you to do everything possible to fulfill your dreams. &...

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Traveling with a purpose… a new way of seeing the world while giving back.

There are new emerging globe-trotters who are focused on not only seeing the world but also doing everything in their power to make only a positive...

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Pink Police are setting a new international standard in women’s safety and security

With a view to enhancing women’s safety and security, the state of Kerala in India have introduced a new division called the Pink Police Patrol. &n...

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Good Things Guy Live – Episode 1

After almost 3 years of running the “Good Stuff” desk at Cliffcentral, and writing up a “Good News” storm on GoodThingsGuy, I’ve decided to add one...

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South African abroad… falling in love with God’s own country.

India… they say you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it but I guess the only way you could ever form your own opinion is by visiting it.   And...

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