I’m going on the Kerala Blog express!

13th February 2016


Currently, I am writing this on an airplane to…. India! Yes, I am off to India once again but to the South this time. It is really quite funny as I had talked about going to Kerala on my last trip to India in September, but I didn’t have the time or the money to go. So, how did this all come about? Well, I saw one of my blogging buddies post on Facebook saying that she needed votes for this competition with Kerala Tourism. I didn’t even know if I was going to get approved to be a contestant as I entered when there was only a few days left of the competition. But, I had a feeling I needed to enter it and I loved India so much last year, plus it was such a huge opportunity for me and my blog.


After the voting ended I saw a few bloggers announce they got in so that’s when I thought, ‘Well, I guess I didn’t get picked then’. But, a few days later I woke up super early for some odd reason, and checked my emails as I do every morning. The title read ‘Welcome aboard the Kerala Blog Express’. My heart literally dropped and I could not keep that smile off my face. The first thing I did was message my boyfriend and then rang my sisters who screamed with me, then I ran into my Dads room and told him the news.
Right now as I write this on the plane from Wellington, I still can’t really wake myself up from this dream. I would like to thank every single one of you who voted and helped me get that one step closer. I am so honoured to be representing New Zealand, I even got interviewed by my local paper!


Where the heck is Kerala, Anita?
It is right down the bottom of India on the West coast right down the South of India. Kerala is a region of beautiful backwaters, houseboats and picturesque mountains. It is ALOT different from the region I visited last year. Just think of a lush, green paradise! They call it ‘Gods own country’ which really sums up the beauty of Kerala.

What is the Kerala Blog Express?
Kerala Tourism picked and invited 30 bloggers from around the world to come and experience Kerala, India. For 15 days we will be travelling by luxury bus and hosted in leading hotels and resorts, and experiencing some of best activities and seeing the gorgeous regions that this part of the world has to offer. This is an all expenses paid trip (except for 30% of the airfare). It is not only a great opportunity to see and photograph the sites, but to meet some of the amazing bloggers, some who I have been following for a while now, and connect and make some great friendships.

To keep up with what I’m expecting to be some of the best 15 days I have ever had, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where I will be posting my photos, thoughts and experiences. Make sure you use the hash tag #KeralaBlogExpress to keep up with everyone over the next couple of weeks!

Currently, I’m on my Wellington-Brisbane flight, then onwards to Abu Dhabi where I will be doing a 15 hour layover, yes I know I’m crazy! Then finally I will be arriving into Kerala. I am actually quite impressed with myself as my suitcase only weighed 13KG!! I guess it is because this is one of the only trips that I have had to pack for just one country and not 3! On the downside, I just spilt a load of peas on my lap…
So, I hope you will join me on my social media so you guys can experience Kerala with me! Don’t forget to sign up to my monthly newsletter too.

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