Experiences from Season 3

Three of the Most Luxurious Accommodation In Kerala You MUST Stay In

It was fair to say that we were treated like Kings and Queens in Kerala, and one of the perks of this trip being sponsored by Kerala Tourism was th...

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9 Reasons Why Kiwis Need To Travel To Kerala Right Now

In my opinion, Kerala is the perfect place for the curious New Zealander.  There are many reasons why Kiwis should really think about Kerala being ...

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30 Travel Bloggers That Absolutely Love Kerala!

I spent an unforgettable 15 days in Kerala on a trip of a lifetime with Kerala Tourism.  We had so much fun exploring and getting to know this part...

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My First Impression Of The Best State In India – Kerala

15 days, 30 bloggers from 25 countries travelling 2300km around what is described as ‘the best state in India’.  As most of you know by now I was i...

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I’m going on the Kerala Blog express!

Currently, I am writing this on an airplane to…. India! Yes, I am off to India once again but to the South this time. It is really quite funny as I...

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Luxury trip to India thrills travel blogger

Pursuing her dream job has scored one Carterton woman the trip of a lifetime. Travel blogger Anita Dykstra has been chosen from thousands of applic...

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