Pizza Cravings, My Apologies

6th April 2014


Dear India,

I am sorry.

My taste buds are used to simple and less seasoned dishes. Your food is indeed delicious, spicy and tasty. But 16 days with dishes containing spice bombs, which exploded every single time I took a bite, was just too much for me. So I caved in. I surrendered to my pizza cravings just before the finish line. However, I didn’t fall alone. I took these poor soldiers down with me. For this I apologize. I still like you and everything you gave me but I just love pizza even more. Sorry.

Yours truely,

Ps. The pepperoni- and the chicken pizzas were really made from heaven.

Eating pizza with Gael (The Pinay Solo Backpacker), Gio (DISGiOVERY), Edgar (EAZY traveler) & Delia (Away She Goes)

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