Experiences from Season 1

Goodmorning to the backwaters of Kerala

A houseboat trip on the backwaters of Kerala wouldn’t be complete without watching the sunrise. I don’t recall exactly when we got up t...

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Lunch at Vivanta by Taj – Kumarakom

A few snaps from Vivanta by Taj – Kumarakom, where a luscious lunch was served before we embarked for the Village Life Experience at Kumarako...

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Trekking the steep mountain road to the Edakkal Caves

Like any other day, the sun was baking intensively and I felt like a roasted chicken on legs walking up the steep mountain road. We were making our...

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Waiting for the sun to set in the hills of Munnar

It had been an insanely long drive to Munnar. When we finally arrived at our hotel, KTDC Tea County, I felt completely dead. My head was pounding, ...

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Touring Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala.

Thiruvananthapuram (Trivadrum) er hovedstaden i Kerala. For mig er det stadig lidt af en tongue twister, Thiruvananthapuram. Jeg foretrækker derfor...

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Dina sandwich & KFC with Antony

Still haven’t gone through all the pictures I took on my trip to Kerala. There’s so many. It’s INSANE! But that’s not even ...

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Pizza Cravings, My Apologies

  Dear India, I am sorry. My taste buds are used to simple and less seasoned dishes. Your food is indeed delicious, spicy and tasty. But 16 da...

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Village Life Experience at Kumarakom Backwaters, Kottayam

When Alleppey backwaters cradled our little soda boat down its gentle waters, we had only been observers of the village life around the riverbanks....

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While we wait with Emanuele

Emanuele Siracusa – a man with a good eye and a big heart. He has a way of telling stories with his pictures, that I can only dream of doing ...

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Haw Haw !

Barely halfway through the first day of the KBE and I was already exhausted for visiting beautiful resorts. What in the world had I signed myself u...

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Cruising down the backwaters of Alleppey on “The Soda Boat”

De varme landeveje og KBE bussen blev for en enkelt dag erstattet af de ekstra eksotiske omgivelser i Alleppey, hvor 10 husbåde (af Lakes & Lag...

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Selv på korte smalle gader finder man linselus

Vi var knap nok kommet af bussen, inden Eva (unaideaunviaje.com) allerede havde fundet sig en lille gruppe af børn, der var ivrige for at blive fot...

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Padmanabhapuram Palace

Padmanabhapuram Palace er et imponerende stykke bygningsværk fra det 16. århundrede, hvor rajaen (herskeren) af det gamle Travancore havde sit tilh...

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Resort jumping on the first day of KBE

SÅ RULLER BUSSEN og Kerala Blog Express (KBE) tog officielt hul på 16 dages road tripping om mandagen (10. marts). Spredt over flere resorter havde...

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Arrived safe and sound in Kerala, India

Efter flere timers flytransport gennem luftstrømmene blev fødderne endelig plantet på indisk grund i Trivandrum International Airport søndag formid...

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