Human by Nature – a fairy tale about Kerala

3rd July 2019

Human By Nature is actually a fairy tale… A story about how ordinary people lived among waters and fabulous forest, among endless tea plantations and spice gardens and tell to the whole world the story of Kerala.

A long time after the Kerala Blog Express 2019 experience ended, I thought what impressed me more in this fabulous journey. And I realized that the common denominator of all the beauty that we saw were people.

When we surfed in the calm backwaters on traditional houseboat sites converted by a brilliant mind from old commercial boats in floating luxury resorts, who made us see magic places were people from there.

When we arrived in the Periyar Tiger Reserve woods even the lake enchanted us with his silence, another human, a  very special woman this time, taught us in simple words what it means to protect the nature.

When we got through fields of spices to Carmelia Heaven overwhelmed by the variety of spices and other plants that make our life tastier and delicious, a man was at us to unravel the mysteries of these small miracles that we only think that are just little bags or boxes in supermarkets.

Once in the land of tea in Munar, after the joy of being among the plantations sudden, I saw green tea factory decades old when I realized that all people are the spells tiny leaves and turn them into the pleasure of our cup.

When we watched spellbound performances with dances Kathakali or Mohiniyattam or simply we were welcomed with love and respect in all places where we stopped with small traditional performances, I realized that behind these benefits are in fact emotions and work people who created them.

And above all, I always looked ordinary people. People who take their daily normal life in settlements that for us were just so beautiful places but they meant home. People who enjoyed the traditional celebrations or blessing of celestial divinity, whatever is his name. People were dressed in smiles and looked with love and wisdom into tomorrow, but being happy today.

And then I fully understand that, actually, Kerala’s people express their selves by nature and this, in turn, makes the way they are: simple, beautiful and happy. So, I realize that is the simplest and most profound meaning of the concept of Human by Nature.

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