My First Experience of India With Kerala Blog Express

18th May 2017

Last year I participated in the yearly Kerala Blog Express. While I was in Bangkok doing my CELTA, I received an email from the Kerala Tourism Team that I was shortlisted for Kerala Blog Express. Thanks to everyone that has voted for me.

The entire process would require me to go through step 1 – step 4, each crossing certain ‘hurdles’. The most nerve-racking experience was the visa application that would require me to fill in the forms online before heading either to the consular or to visit one of their approved visa centres.

With all the hurdles cleared, I was happy to know that Silkair would be sponsoring my plane tickets.

This is definitely a trip of many first.

Kerala Blog Express, Season 4, 2017

(1) First media trip
(2) First time travelling to India
(3) First time travelling with 29 other bloggers

I don’t know what to expect.

My idea of India was preconceived by the media and the newspapers, which is definitely not the best way to start a journey. From overcrowded trains to terrible sewage systems, a complete opposite of Singapore.

I did some research and got to know that Kerala, is a beautiful state, with the slogan “God’s Own Country”. I decided to travel with an open mind and an open heart, to see and to experience for myself.

3 weeks ago, I flew to Kerala India as I was invited with 29 other bloggers for a 15-days journey to visit Kerala, God’s Own Country.

What I saw blown my mind away!

Kerala Tourism strongly believes that tourism should not complete with the environment, and culture should be preserved at its core. Kerala is such a beautiful place that would change your perspective of India and you should definitely visit it once in a lifetime.

Coracle Boat in Kerala India

Coracle Boat in Kerala India

Chinese Fishing Nets In Kerala India

Chinese Fishing Nets In Kerala India

Traditional Dance In Kerala India

Traditional Dance In Kerala India

Houseboat In Kerala Backwaters in India

Houseboat, Kerala Backwaters in India

Never let the media tell you what a country is like, always see with your own eyes!

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