Discovered a secret while hiking in Munnar, Kerala, India

18th May 2017

Recently, I travelled with 29 other bloggers from various countries, we camped and went hiking in Munnar. Munnar is a town in Kerala, the southern part of India, and is situated about 1600 meters / 5200 feet above sea level and 110 kilometres away from Cochin International Airport.

We were on the roads through the tea plantations and up the mountain for an entire day. We reached the campsite around dinner time.

Camping in Munnar, Kerala, India

Dinner in Campsite, Munnar, Kerala, India

Camping in Munnar, Kerala, India

Campfire in Munnar, Kerala, India

When you place 30 people with the same passion together, there’s unlimited conversation, connections and discussions.

Luxurious Camping

When I heard about camping and living in a tent for the night, I was thinking about the army tent that we had during national service. But to my surprise, we were bunking in luxurious tents with a power plug to charge all our electronics. 

We had homemade breakfast and they made coffee and tea to warm our stomachs. As the temperature is cooling and windy as the campsite is above sea level.

Hiking In India

The hiking trail was extremely steep and elevated. Honestly, I had wanted to give up so so so many times but my fellow bloggers were giving me constant encouragement to hike to the top. The scenery of the trail is extremely beautiful, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to be on the top of the mountain.

Praying on the Mountain Top

When we reached the mountain top, there were a bunch of people praising and praying to God. 

I remembered in the bible that people climbed to the top of the mountain to pray to God, as they want to be as close as possible to God.  I was encouraged by their devotion and I spoke to one of the people, and he mentioned that they hike up the mountain every day to pray to God. I was indeed touched by them and felt the peace of God upon me. When I heard them speaking in tongues, I cried.

Hiking to the Mountain Top

The feeling of achieving something that you had wanted to give up was amazing, and the beauty of the peak of the mountain was magnificent. It was indeed another item off my bucket list.

Would you be keen to travel to another country to hike and climb mountains?

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