Being A Child (Again) in Kerala

25th May 2017

Me: Happy burpday Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Daddy: How is Kerala treating you?
Me: So much fun that I feel like a child again.
Daddy: It is OK. That is how life should be.

And that was a conversation with Daddy on his 78th birthday yesterday. Honestly guilty that I missed celebrating Daddy and the hubster’s birthday while I was having so much fun in God’s Own Country – Kerala. However, the conversation with Dad somehow made me feel better, never mind the crazy heat, sweating buckets, the last 10 days of discovering Kerala has been absolutely delightful.

Some 1900m above sea level in Munnar with 2 broken finger nails (a slightly bloody affair), I am still smiling and happy. Remember how we played, fell, picked up ourselves and went on to play when we were kids? That is what Kerala does to you. There must be something about the food, air and the people in Kerala that recharges you!

A very random post of sorts but it pretty much reflects my feelings at the moment – having fun, feeling like a child and feeling really recharged!

PS: Stay tuned for more days of live updates on the following channels as I share daily updates on my 15 days across Kerala, India.

Happy Wednesday folks. Kerala food is sooooo good but if you need something familiar, you can still find it in Kerala. 

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