Alleppey – Night In A Houseboat

26th November 2017


Alleppey – Kerala Backwaters

Just a few days before I got great news of being selected as one of 30 travel bloggers to travel to Kerala, India I stumbled upon article about best destinations for honeymoons and backwaters of Alleppey were one of them. That was the first time I really started looking into Kerala, backwaters and Alleppey – which is one of the best starting points for houseboats.

“Venice of the East” – that’s what we could call Alleppey. Here you find never ending canals and beautiful lagoons, surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of palm trees lined on each side of the canals. Beautiful sight to see to say the least.

Alleppey is one of the top destinations in Kerala and I would feel comfortable to say that even in whole India. I got so overwhelmed with the scenery and the experience, that I had to pinch myself to realise that –  Yes I am here and yes I still have another 4 weeks to explore Kerala.

Maybe some of you know Alleppey because of it’s famous annual Snake – boat race which is held every year on the second Saturday of August! Unfortunately I missed this, but who knows maybe next time I get chance to see it! This would probably be the biggest event help in Alleppey and it has been huge success with tourist and locals.



Kettuvallom or Houseboat

Also called riceboat, is a type of boat that was used in early days for trading between remote villages along the canals and bigger cities. Once the development hit this part of the country and they got roads and bridges, Kettuvalloms weren’t needed anymore.

So somebody came up with a great idea of making these Kettuvalloms into a tourist attraction. Normally a houseboat is about 100 feet lond and around 13 feet wide and made out of eco friendly materials found in that area. Materials are bamboo poles, ropes, coconut fibres, bamboo mats, etc. And the main wood used for houseboats is Anjili.

Now modern houseboats in Alleppey have mostly 1,2 or 3 bedrooms. Then there is kitchen where crew makes food for you and a living space. Some of them have living area and sundeck in second floor, perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the view. Houseboats also range from basic ones to all the way to super luxurious ones.



What to do on a houseboat?

Probably a lot of you are wondering what is there to do? Especially when you are stuck on the boat for a whole day.

Well first of all I never had a feeling like I was stuck on a boat. The reason for that is, cause there is so much happening around you. Enjoy inside look of the village life around the canals. You can see women washing their clothes in the canals, or kids jumping in the water and goofing around. Turn on the other side and you can see how men repair or even build boats.

Surrounded by water and countless palm trees that make beautiful reflections on the water once sun starts setting. End your day with beautiful sunset and reflect on the amazing day you had!

It’s always nicer to experience this with your friends and hang out while cruising. If that’s not the case, get to know people that are with you. The most important after all is to get the most out of this experience.



Lakes & Lagoons

Me and few other travel bloggers were staying on houseboat owned by Lakes & Lagoons Tour Company. Our boat had 3 bedrooms, with kitchen in the back and living area in the front. Rooms were basic, big bed with two smaller mattresses and bathroom. Unfortunately compared to other houseboats our was the most basic one. We didn’t had sundeck or two floors like most of them. Still food was great and crew was nice so we didn’t need much more for that one night!

Here are informations of 4 different tour companies our group used:

Lakes & Lagoons
DTPC Building, Pallathuruthy, Sanathanapuram P.O, Alleppey: 688 003
Tel: 0477 2266842 / 843 / 844
Fax: 0477 2266845

Spice Routes

No.27/3057-A, OppBhavans School
Girinagar, Cochin-682020
Kerala, India
Tel: +91 484 6003300/
+91 484 6003301
+91 484 4042301

Xandari Riverscapes ALLEPPEY

Pallathuruthy Bridge, Pallathuruthy, Alappuzha, Kerala 688003                                                  Tel: +91 484 404 2288                                                                            Email:

Rainbow Cruises

Unni’s Building,
Mamood Junction, Avalookunnu P.O
Alleppey, Kerala – 688006
Mobile: +91 9447444077, 9447444066
Tel: +91-477-2231110/ 22311111
E – Mail :

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**This was part of my blogger trip to Kerala, India. I was part of Kerala Blog Express 4 organised by Kerala Tourism. In Alleppey I was hostel by Lakes & Lagoons! All opinions are my own.

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