Sabiam Que Em Cochim, Kerala, Está O Primeiro Aeroporto Solar Do Mundo?

18th March 2016


During the trip to Kerala, India, Travel with me now, twice in the Kochi airport, which is the first airport in the world to operate at 100% with solar energy, since August 2015.

Regarded as an example for the whole world, this international airport Kochi in southwest India, has more than 46,000 photovoltaic panels that absorb sunlight and transform them into energy.

they will AirIndia-on-airport-to-Kochi-Kerala- © -Viaje-Me

AirIndia plane at the airport in Cochin, Kerala, India Travel © Me

The installation of the panels started in 2013 with only 400 solar panels on the roof of the Arrivals Terminal. Today, the airport can be self-sustainable energy, with the central and panels covering an immense Kerala green field.

Airport Kochi receives over a thousand flights a week and is the busiest seventh from all over India. The bill was a light headache (reaching over € 4,500 a day!), But now, with solar panels, already produces slightly more power required.

In the near future, the airport will increase the terminal for international flights and is already thinking of also adapt the power station to your future needs with this growth.

Sala-the-airport-to-Kochi-Kerala- © -Viaje-Me

It took more than 8 million euros to implement the power plant, but in the short term (it is expected that in six years) the investment will be paid off. And the project also has benefits to ecological level: it is estimated that prevent more than 300,000 metric tons of coal power carbon emissions over the next 25 years.

Other Indian airports, the busiest in the Cochin are studying the implementation of the same project.

As we said earlier, the Travel Comgio passed twice at the airport and was so well-known stores. Contrary to what we know from other airports … here the prices are not a steal. It is true! A water does not have to be the price of gold and it is possible to take a breakfast without feeling robbed! I took a breakfast with two cakes and juice for less than two euros.

The books in the main airport kiosk are on sale and can get 2 for the price of one. I bought one for € 2.30. Also have cookies and snacks from € 0.40! I’ve never seen these prices in any airport! In the shops, the chocolates have a lot to offer tours messages to your friends and family. Good ideas for last minute gifts and spend the last thugs.

prayer room at the airport in Cochin, Kerala © Travel Me

prayer room at the airport in Cochin, Kerala © Travel Me

Messages on chocolates at the airport in Cochin, Kerala © Travel Me

Messages on chocolates at the airport in Cochin, Kerala © Travel Me


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