A minha ida ao hospital em Kerala, na Índia

17th March 2016

Drugs-of-Hospital-in-Thekkady- © -Viaje-Me

They say it’s normal. That most travelers end up getting constipated after arriving in India, because of the temperature difference. I visited Kerala in February when supposedly is winter, with temperatures above 30 degrees. Many times in 36 degrees …

The temperature difference and the obligation to turn on the air conditioning – not only heat but also to let the mosquitoes KO – gave me a big sore throat a few days after there have arrived.

By the way, I know exactly the moment I got sick: the houseboats in Kerala Backwaters. In addition to the heat, unbearable inside the room, it was impossible to get out of the boat, so was the vermin outside, at night. Inside refrescávamo us with the air conditioning which, having no command, was working all night … bam, sore throat. Because, as a rule, I do not usually take pills I thought I would be able to treat the illness with anti-inflammatory and ginger and honey tea …
But it was more difficult than imagined. The bus was cold in the street heat, in the cold restaurant, the street heat, and so early was not going to improve. Worse than being sick while traveling is having to keep pace with a group of more than 30 people.

Consultation Room, Hospital in Thekkady © Travel Me

Consultation Room, Hospital in Thekkady © Travel Me

After a few days clogged and throat to improve, but little, woke up one day with the fully swollen left eye. I thought , “But what now ?!”. Only I will not leave the room. Her body ached, seemed to have an elephant sitting on the chest and now the inflamed eye …
I sent a message to one of the trip organizers.
– I need to see a doctor. I woke up much worse.
– Can go to the hospital or going to the doctor to the room?
– I can go to the hospital.
Not 30 minutes later, was the director of the resort where he was housed – the Greenwoods Resort in Thekkady – to say that went with me to the hospital . Who drove the car? The chef of the resort. Could not’d better together!

The nearest hospital was private, about 15 minutes from the resort. There was no queue, but also had warned that there would. I went to an empty room. He came the nurse and asked me if I had a fever. He said he did not feel, but it was so hot …
He measured me the tensions, put the thermometer under his arm and took off when “has fever. Little, but it has. ”
Then he said to fill my form. I write my name and get, again, the answer “Susana? Beautiful name. ”
I love my name in India (Susana is the name of Bollywood actresses).

I hope one more minute and come to a doctor. Question what I’ve been taking, where I’m from (country) and after looking at the throat:
– Haha … is inflamed
Look at what the nurse wrote …
– And have a little fever. Have a cough?
– Little …
– I’ll treat you with … – and starts writing on a sheet, an 8 directions.
Arregalo eyes. But quickly tells me:
– Do not be alarmed! Basically, only three drugs are … the antibiotic, stomach protector and a tablet cough at night … ready and syrup.
– And the eye? It is not strange eye ?, I say.
– Oh! This is because you are all clogged channels and also influcencia there …

However, the director of the hotel, which is the room door, tell him I’m on a journey with over 30 bloggers and that every day we go to a different place.
The doctor reflected for two seconds and says:
– OK, OK! I’ll give you some tablets that are dissolved in hot water (they are green) and are to sprays. Make several today and tomorrow will see who is better. To the eye, I’ll just give a few drops. When you begin to unclog the nose it will also improve … Avoid very cold air conditioning, do not drink cold drinks, and get some rest. And eat well!

(On that day we had a free afternoon and decided to rest and started actually getting better. Luckily never lost my appetite!)

Hospital pharmacy medicines in Thekkady © Travel Me

Hospital pharmacy medicines in Thekkady © Travel Me

After consultation with the doctor, we went to the hospital pharmacy to raise revenue. Very different from Portugal: if we have to take antibiotics 2 times a day for 5 days, only you will be given 10 pills, nothing more, nothing less. 5 stomach protectors, 5 tablets for cough, etc. They come in small bags of brown paper. All counted! No pill boxes that accumulate in pharmacies of our homes, is not it?

At night, the resort, the chef de cuisine, who had also taken me to the hospital to see me to pick up a natural juice of watermelon – I love! Approaches me and tells me “remember what the doctor said, not to drink cold drinks.” The entire hotel is committed to know if I was better. Thoughtfulness. Thank you Greenwoods Resorts!

By the way, when I was in hospital, waiting, I noticed a sign that says “Fri discrimination is punishable.” You know what it means? First I did not notice, but when they started to explain to me came to mind: in India, pregnant women may not know the sex of their child before birth. Hence the sign that indicates that it is punishable by law those who do tests to know the sex of the child?
Pregnant women can and should of course make the tests to see if the baby is growing well in the womb, but can not get to know sex.

Because most traditional families rather only have children. And before this law was an absurd rate of abortions when they knew they were girls. In fact, infanticide was (in some areas still is) very large. Create a girl is not seen as “profitable” in India (not spend on skills), although there are regions where the company is very matriarchal. Fortunately it is something that is changing slowly.

Posted in Hospital in Thekkady © Travel Me

Posted in Hospital in Thekkady © Travel Me

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