The L Word #TuesdayTruth

15th March 2016


Since coming back from amazing Kerala , I have fallen in love with my life. The most common thing all 29 bloggers plus the most talented photo/video team said about me was how they all remember my smile so vividly and the sound of my laugh that would make them want to laugh too. Such a great way to be remembered by so many special people.While in Kerala I felt carefree and forget about everything and just lived in the moment enjoying life, loving every moment and laughing.

Going through my camera roll I can’t help smiling thinking fondly of all the amazing memories and laughs that filled my life during the #KeralaBlogExpress. One of my favourite images of me was taken by fellow blogger Breifne from Ireland without me knowing. This great picture of me in green captures the true meaning of the  quote for today perfectly. Head thrown back , not a care in the world , laughing , living life and loving that moment. Thank you Briefne for capturing this great picture of me in the moment.


Life is too short to be living the same day twice and not to actually live in the moment. Enjoy every moment be it a lesson or a blessing live in the now. Appreciate life , be positive and have a grateful heart . Be open to new challenges and experiences.

Laugh more it makes each day better. Sometimes when I find my self in a no win situation I do end up laughing as there is no way to solve the problem. Laughter brings happy memories and positive attitude. When last did you laugh so much that your face hurt ? you started crying ? and you developed stomach muscles? During my 15 days away I had so many of these moments and I love that my laugh made others start to laugh and be happy. A positive chain reaction. I am rather lucky that I have a funny, crazy bunch of cheerleaders in my life who I share too many jokes with so ,no conversation is complete without a good laughing session.

Love …. well this singleton still believes in love even though my heart looks like a patchwork quilt. Love is not just love between a couple but love between friends , family , your country and even your pets. Ever notice how excited your pets get when you get home that is pure love. Coming from a huge typical Indian extended family love is often showed by them cooking your favourite dishes and almost force feeding you. No visit to an Indian home is complete without the guest eating a meal. Spread love …. Be love and attract the love you deserve.

The L word is playing on my mind a lot these days. Thank you Kerala for this very important reminder of how to live life.

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