10 Reasons Why I Love Kerala

5th March 2016

Before my trip of a lifetime to Kerala , I knew that visiting this state was defo part of my Travel Bucket List. Having never visited India , I was over the moon that my first encounter would be in beautiful Kerala also known as God’s Own Country. It is hard not to fall in love with Kerala and become rather captivated by the beauty that is found here.


My initial ideas of Kerala included History ,voyages of discovery , spices, houseboats and the world-famous Ayurvedic medical treatment. But what I discovered during my 2 weeks literally blew my mind and has me planning on returning again.There were so many things I loved about Kerala but below is a list of 10 Things that made me fall in love with God’s Own Country :


  1. The Spice Plantations – The foodie in me was so in my element here walking through the spice plantations. It was intriguing to see spices not packaged in a store but growing in their nature environment. Kerala is world-famous for their flavoursome and aromatic spices and it makes sense why Kerala was invaded by so many. My favourite spices from Kerala include cardamom ,Pepper and Mace
  2. Smiling, happy people everywhere you look. The people of Kerala are very friendly and helpful. From young children to the old grandparents all waved and smiled at us as we drove throw the towns or sailed the backwaters. Everyone loved having their pictures taken.
  3. The Houseboats on the Backwaters are definitely an experience every person should once in their lifetime. The peaceful and beautiful Backwaters create the most serene place for one to literally sit back kick off your shoes and slow down. For the first time in ages I felt at peace and sense of calm wash over me.
  4. The food ! Everyday I feed my body with nutritious freshly prepared meals. The variety of dishes were extensive and flavoursome using local produce and spices. Most days my day with start with a crisp Masala Dosa (crispy pancake) filled with spiced potato and a trio of sauces all washed down with fresh watermelon juice (perfect for detoxing) and a piping hot cup of Spiced Chai. Not forgetting the refreshing coconut water perfect for the heat and so good for your health.
  5. Arts and Culture is a big part of everyday society in Kerala.There are numerous places of worship were regional festivals are celebrated in much grandeur. Dance and music is also featured as a must see in Kerala with dance forms that are specifically done in Kerala only.
  6. Welcomes are literally out of this world in Kerala. Every time we visited a hotel we were greeted by musicians and traditional dancers. Each welcome ceremony was so unique even down to the garlands we received some were made of flowers while others were made of spices. Every welcome made me feel like royalty and a bride on her wedding day.
  7. Tea plantations as far as the eye can see. For any tea lover seeing how your favourite brew has been cultivated is mind-blowing. Miles and miles of lush green tea bushes were all around us as we headed up to the mountains.
  8. The Hill Stations of Munnar ,Idukki and Wayanand give the traveller a cooler location. It is in these areas where some of the tribes can still be found. Hill Stations are popular destinations for honeymoon couples both locally and internationally.
  9. The Western Ghats of Kerala are filled with lush greenery and is home to lots of wildlife.We stayed overnight at the Kalypso Base Camp.The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  10. Beautifully crafted products of the area. From jewellery to bags to art and sarees Kerala has their own distinctive style. Even the designs are typical to the area.

It is hard not to fall in love with such a beautiful place. I have left a piece of my heart in Kerala and yes someday I will return. Is Kerala somewhere you would travel too ?


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