Kerala, Índia – Primeiras Impressões

6th March 2015

Hello travelers,

Rio Travelando checking in … 🙂

“Look here I travez” Here I write to you directly from Kerala, in southern India incredible – who would say I estaraia back here so soon? You accompanying me at Twitter , Instagram and Facebook , you know that through your precious vote was the winner of a contest held by the Government of Kerala to explore the region known as the “land of God himself.” There were more than 700 bloggers from around the world, and the Carioca Travelando was in 2nd place overall – to taste first. This dream trip was only possible thanks to your vote, and so here again, I leave my eternal thank you.

And that was the scene of the first day in Kerala

Here at Carioca Travelando already have post on acquiring visa and basic information for and plan your trip to India , from a previous trip – be sure to take a look.

Come fly with me …

Much of my trips are made in family, known Fantastic Four (who are my photographers, bell-boys, production assistant, driver, etc …), but this trip of Kerala Blog Express, the Carioca Travelando have to necessarily travel solo . Since I am only the Carioca and Carla, we decided to make a grace with a upgrade to Business Class – who does not like a comfort us? I do not get out, and too much enjoyed my extra leg room , the champagne and all the pampering I’m entitled. You Go Girl!

Tim Tim 🙂

Is a tip: No matter where you go, always check the possibility of an upgrade , you may be surprised how sometimes is extremely affordable. And between us, it is worth …

It could always be like this, right? 😉

The strange name Airport …

I flew with Emirates, leaving Bahrain (BAH) with a stopover in Dubai (DXB) and around 4 am we arrived at Thiruvanan Airport (putz wait a minute that caught the tongue!), Thapuram – then repeats Thiruvananthapuram there, Thiruvananthapuram , Thiruvananthapuram known as Thiruvadrum (TRV). Pêga totally by surprise, was received by Kerala Blog Express team with flowers. I was very happy with the care and there you already start to feel a little bit of South Indian hospitality.

Welcome with flowers – it was what made that smile 4 am

The Leela Hotel

Leaving the Thiruvanan airport we went straight to the The Leela Hotel , which is about 25 minutes drive in Kovolam.

During the journey undertaken by Kerala Blog Express, we know from south to north of the state of Kerala. More than 15 stops, and the organization of the event is taking care of everything, including the booking of all hotels in the itinerary.

This pool looks that calls us, right?

The hotel has a good infrastructure and offers a variety of activities, ranging from yoga, local cooking class, show of folk dances to activities for small, like painting class. In addition to a infinit pool wonderful and gym with a view breathtaking, even before you start to exercise.

Explosion of colors and rhythms typical dance of Kerala

To download the fatigue of the “pogo stick” airport on the first day trip, nothing better than a swim in the hotel’s private beach. The water was a delight, turquoise, calm down … in short, perfect!

First selfie in Kerala was in the sea

In the hotel restaurant, we delight in with the exotic Indian food and I confess I forgot the diet. I know I say this every trip, but: traveling can neh?

All ready for our dinner …

After lunch I take my sacred cochilinho to recharge the batteries ( power nap ), this room super spacious. You can make a joke, but I liked the very typical bathroom decor with vibrant colors and a design in wood rather unusual.

Details of the room and the bathroom

And the view, left to talk about last seen because the view is … (wait a minute – click) a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂

View from my room … not bad, huh?

The Kerala Blog Express project is just beginning. There are 16 days of many discoveries, colors and flavors and you come snuggle with me watching every detail of this adventure

Rio Travelando checking out … straight from Kerala 🙂

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