Kerala Backwaters Cruise: Overnight Houseboat Experience

12th June 2015

When visiting Kerala, it is a must to cruise along its famous Backwaters. I’m quite sure majority of the bloggers I was with were looking forward to this unique experience and honestly, I consider it as the main attraction of the Kerala Blog Express!

Cruising along the Backwaters of Kerala in India

My room in the houseboat

Each room has individual bathrooms

This shower has hot and cold water option!

Every houseboat has its own character. I loved ours because it retains the authentic feel. If it was a super modern houseboat, I’d rather go on a mediterranean cruise with a romantic lover.

Four staff members made sure our stay will be a relaxing and comfortable one. We were exchanging stories by the time we stepped in the boat! The cook was busy preparing for our late lunch by the time we arrived.

Here’s what we ate for lunch:

Lunch feast prepared by our boat staff. Reminds me of the Loboc River Cruise but in a more personal manner.

Though I originally planned to sleep that afternoon, we end up exchanging stories about Greece, Philippines and India. Never a dull moment with these two!

If only I can cruise along the backwaters every afternoon..

The Kerala Backwaters reminds me of the rivers of Dagupan City. My hometown once introduced the Dawel River Cruise, where locals and tourists can cruise along the rivers of the city for free. The concept of the cruising houseboat would be good in the future. We can do something similar too! 😀 For most Filipinos though, it will remind them of the Loboc River Cruise of Bohol.

Marky and Maria can’t help but take photos and appreciate this once-in-a-lifetime trip

This afternoon siesta tour made us realize how important it is to disconnect from the online world. All we did was drink coffee, exchange stories, wave and shout ‘hello’ to our neighbors, take pictures and appreciate the simple life.

Being exposed to the rural life every once in a while is good for your body, mind and soul. It makes one ponder on what is the difference of needs and wants? Why are the people in this side of Kerala happy with the simple life?

We did a short stopover in a village where food and souvenir items are sold.

Donna checking the items for sale

To buy or not to buy?

The lovely sun hiding behind the coconut trees

Reunited with some of our Rainbow Cruises bloggers for sunset. Ah, perfect!

TRIPLE M – Just when I thought I took a solo selfie :))

Rice Paddies

Beautiful, isn’t it?

The famous Kerala Backwaters Sunset <3

What a moment of bliss.

In the middle of Backwaters and the Rice Paddies

While waiting for dinner to be served, we played a game wherein we have to sing a happy song in our mother tongue. I planned to sing a Sexbomb girls song, but I end up singing THIS 😛

Dinner on the houseboat + White Wine

Our dinner feast is special not just because of the food, white wine and more thoughts about life. You know, the type of conversations that take place whenever one is feeling happy and tipsy 😛 I’m glad there were no Karaoke machines in the area or else I might have belted one of Jessie J’s songs in no time.

By 10PM we were already in our respective rooms. After a warm night bath, we retired in my queen bed. I really had a good night sleep! I didn’t expect that, really.

I woke up at 6:30AM and we had a hearty breakfast by 7AM. The cruise along the backwaters is about to end and I’m not yet ready… nobody is.

I would like to thank our boat crew from Rainbow Cruises for the interesting trivias, good food and hospitality. Highly recommended!

It is hard to say goodbye to ‘Glory’, but we have to leave and move on with the next activity.

But before that, let’s take a jumpshot!

Mica, Maria and Marky after the ‘glorious’ stay in Rainbow Cruises’ Glory Houseboat! Thank you! | Photo by Jinson Abraham

^ Please watch this short video I made about our afternoon cruise along the Kerala Backwaters :)

Special thanks again to Rainbow Cruises for the memorable experience!

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