Endless Treasures Of Kerala In Southern India On #igtravelthursday

3rd April 2015

Last month my #IGTravelThursday features the first days of my Indian adventure in Kerala with #KeralaBlogExpress. This month I just have to continue with the same theme as there are so many beautiful places to share – and detailed stories of the places I stayed at and things I did will follow soon too!

Can you spot the common theme with all these photos (bar the tea country ones)? Yes, there is water in all of them: the Backwaters, the Ocean, a pool – being a coastal state water has a vital role in the daily life of people in Kerala.

Enough said – as I’ll share my detailed stories later on with the remaining 800 photos or so, this little gem focuses purely on the visual fireworks that Kerala offers for the eye: blue skies, sunset, lush greenery, flowers and water everywhere!

‘Hidden in the Backwaters lies the majestic Kumarakom Lake Resort’

‘Navigating through the little canals – only smaller water buses and boats can access here’

‘Majestic, golden houseboat bathing in the last rays of the sun in Alleppey ‘

‘Life on the Backwater houseboats moored by a canal’

‘From larger, palm-lined canals we head towards the little ones filled with lush, blooming lilies and other plants’

‘Backwater fisherman working on his morning catch’

‘Backwater sunset, the boats are mooring for the night, awaiting the yellow sun to fade into red before the darkness falls in’

‘I’d stay here forever! – the private endless pool of a lakeside villa in luxury resort Zuri Kumarakom’

‘The beauty of Zuri Kumarakom Resort in the middle of the Backwaters’

“Luxury Hotel the Brunton Boatyard with a colonial feel in Fort Cochin’

‘Luxury Boutique Hotel Eighth Bastion in Fort Cochin’

‘Vedic Village Resort is another small, quaint Backwaters haven’

‘Boating in Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkady’

‘An afternoon tea in Lake Palace Hotel overlooking the Periyar Tiger Reserve’

‘Famous Chinese Fishing nets in Cochin’

‘Beautiful hills of Munnar covered in tea plants’

‘I spy some tea on the hills of Munnar’

‘Sunset in Fort Cochin where the fishermen are reeling in their last catches of the day with these Chinese Nets’

‘This is the end of the road for me. Loving the warm waves of the Indian Ocean at sunset at the Cherai Beach Resorts

‘Nuff said! My main tip for planning travel in India. it’s going to be slow so avoid long day journeys. And the road aren’t always that great and people like to speed up, so be cautious!’


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