‘Centuries old’ Chinese Fishing nets

11th April 2015

Tugging ropes and bellowing chants could be seen on Fort Cochin, the huge structure is Chinese Fishing nets- a century old tradition

Usually these fisher men work in a group of 8-10 men as pulling the nets require lot of force and energy. Fishermen’s Christian heritage comes from Portuguese influence .

The men work from early morning to evening catching the fishes in batches of every fifteen minutes

Every time they have to climb on this huge spidery frame to the tip

Man looks happy with final outcome, though not much in quantity with respect to the efforts. Their business run on tourists rather than fish.

Nets were introduced by Chinese eunuch Zheng He, an explorer, in the 15th century, or by Chinese traders from the earlier court of Kublai Khan

Almost 750 Chinese net installations on Fort Kochi and around, and many lives rely on the same

The sun sets behind the fishing nets, to rest in the ocean after a tiring day

And yet another day, of fish auction! Every fishermen gets chance to say spread their fish on ground and announce the prize and buyers keep an eye on the cheapest deal.

Bucket full of fish, off for auction

A baby shark

The shops for the day sale

Happy consumers



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