Welcome to the Monkey House

18th March 2014

The other morning I woke up early to a crazy noise.  After trying to sleep through it for a while, I realized that the monkey-like sounds were actually coming from monkeys, and went to get a couple of pictures.  Edgar tells me that these monkeys are more rare than the smaller grey ones that have been all over the town of Thekkady (including reading the newspaper this morning.

Later on at the hotel near the Periyar Tiger Reserve, we got to get up close and personal with some of the smaller, bolder grey monkeys.  While they are certainly cute, they are feisty and territorial animals, stealing food and water bottles, chasing people around, and generally causing mayhem.  One got into a fellow blogger’s room and made a mess of the place.  If you get too close, they bear their teeth aggressively, and it is clear that if they bit you it would hurt like hell.

For some reason this guy thought antagonizing the monkeys was a good idea.

Here, they keep the people in cages…at least while they’re eating.

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