Sunset Form The Leela Hotel Kovalam Beach

30th April 2014

If you ever make it to Kovalam Beach in Kerala India, you have to go to this place, it has incredible views and well the place is just amazing. This was actually the same sunset I shot from my previous post My First Indian Sunset. I walked down to the rocks and tried to find the perfect spot to shoot the sunset, then I realized I had left my tripod in the buss, luckily I always carry a baby tripod in my camera bag for this same exact reason, (I get spacey when Im exited) its not the best but its good on a pinch. I had to find a new spot and re adjust do to the tripod situation but I managed to get a couple decent shots from this location.

I quickly realized this was going to be a really good trip. (scroll to the bottom to see a how I edited this photo to get this look)

Here is a couple BTS photos of me setting up shot by my good friend Dina aka @DuaRansel. You can see here site at She rocks!!! Thank you DINAAAA!!! (scroll down to see the video)

Here is a video where you can see what I did to edit this photo and get this type of look. Drop me a line below Id love to hear your thoughts!!!

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