Kollam Beach | Tales From The Shore

21st May 2014


KOLLAM Beach is located at the shoreline of Kollam (formerly known as Quilon) in the Indian state of Kerala. Its famous port was once part of the international spice trade, and was extolled by explorers such as Marco Polo and Ibn Batuta.

I was there in one peaceful morning. I could only hear hear the birds and waves. Fishing boats were lying on the sand. Fishermen were hauling in the nets, they were moving in silence. Tangasseri breakwater was like a fine white line from afar, streching across the horizon. The serene atmosphere engulfs me, for it was the perfect morning at the beach.

Friends & I were also trying to pull the rope fishermen had been hauling in. These men in mundu seemed not distracted at all, in fact they welcomed us warmly. I knew we didn’t help much, but it was such a nice experience for us to be able to interact with locals.

Gone were the bright specks of umbrellas. Gone were the sand castles and buckets and noisy children. There were only us and the fishermen and the birds and the waves. What could I ask for more?

Disgiovery yours!

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