Kerala, God’s Own Country

12th March 2014

Can’t believe it’s almost been a week since I arrived to Kerala, India, to take part in the #KeralaBlogExpress blog tour. First impressions and some social media buzz later, today I’m ready to share the reasons why Kerala is named God’s Own Country. Actually, my own ones since this motto has been used for a while by the Tourism department in the state. And they got theirs too.

Along with them, my Instagram snapshots from the last few days. Cause I am adoring this network lately, couldn’t really edit my DLSR shots yet – our itinerary is packed with stuff I just don’t want to miss – and, yes! Instagram Travel Thursday is here again!

Why Kerala is named God’s Own Country and what does this mean to me?

1. A seed was planted from the moment I read about the contest


2. It’s located in one of the most incredible countries ever: India!


3. Flying here has been an absolute pleasure.


4. I was already witnessing crazy beautiful sunrises over Kerala even before landing!


5. Somehow I was blessed by this God’s Own Country and felt extremely happy right before stepping out of my 4th plane from Mumbai to Trivandrum. 2 nights in a row spent at airports and uncountable hours after leaving home, I was more than exhausted. Ectstatic too.


6. After a short ride from the airport, I was welcomed by the stunning and  Kerala Backwaters!


7. Tasteful and welcoming flower filled brass pots awaited me around every corner. Indian hospitality doesn’t cease to amaze me :)


8. On my first day, I noticed I had never seen a lake, a river, a sea and a beach meet at one spot like they do in Estuary Island before.


9. An increasing love for pools was well taken care of since the very beginning too.


10. Unbelievable place, fascinating people! Like the pictured guy, who took us through the Poovar backwaters after our tuk-tuk ride from Trivandrum on our second day.


11. I forgot, those unreal pools are filled with an ideal temperature water. Making it very hard for me to don’t jump in every single one of them immediately.


12. Do I need to explain this one?


13. As one of the ten best paradises on Earth, it’s easy to find a spot where to just chill for a few days. And they are usually pretty rad!


14. Do miracles happen a lot around here? I couldn’t tell yet but it has to be something. Otherwise, how is possible that two Galician girls were selected for this once on a lifetime experience? Call it karma, good luck, whatever. It’s great to be here with Eva!


15. LUSH!


16. Tiny details make a difference in Kerala too!


17. Apart from the fact that Kovalam brought me back to other paradises like the Caribbean, this spot should be everyone’s choice in terms of disconnecting and mindfully enjoying the outdoors.


18. I fell for these huts instantly. Sustainable growth is the way to go.


19. Incredible sights do take place here frequently.


20. There is a clear landscape diversity. Palm trees morph into the sea slowly but surely in Kovalam.


21. Wandering around Trivandrum city two days ago was an eye-opening experience. There’s something happening everywhere!


22. Meeting random people in the streets is something I have also enjoyed till now. And they seemed to enjoy it too! I couldn’t tell who took more pictures of each other, this girl or me :)


23. Culture, history and knowledge are well preserved in Kerala main cities. Napier Museum and Botanical gardens in Trivandrum speak for themselves.


24. The fact that Kerala is one of the most educated states in India might had a lot to do with the brilliant art some cities showcase in their institutional buildings. Just saying.


25. Finding myself mesmerized by the most simple yet beautiful things has already happened a few times.


26. And life also goes on at night. For instance, enjoying world-class dining experiences next to impeccable coastal points like Kovalam is doable and highly recommended!


27. Still counting how many shades of blue I have faced in the last few days…


28. National and local newspapers have given us some press love as well.


29. We are having serious FUN!


30. And this has only started. God knows how many gorgeous sights and adventures are ahead of us!


Have you ever visited Kerala? Why do you think it’s called God’s Own Country?

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