Kerala Blog Express | Happy Recipe

22nd April 2014


main ingredients:

27 bloggers from around the world
6 Malayali herb boys + 1 Mumbaikar spice girl
1 ultimate Manoj from Vasudevan family


1. Put all the ingredients into a rear-mounted-6-cylinder-7-litre-diesel-290-horse-power-mean-machine Volvo bus. Pour some sleep-bomb and head-wobble.

2. Marinate with tender coconut water for 15 days (you can add Kingfisher if preferred).

3. Let them cool in houseboats.

4. Knead until relaxed using Ayurveda technique.

5. Dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Wayanad Stadium, the first high-altitude stadium exclusively for cricket in south India. And probably the first to have Justin juggling some balls 😉

Spice plantation in Thekkady where I’m doing some spontaneously moves (probably drunken by cinnamons & nutmegs & cloves). Photo credit: Anto Frames

Prasad is showing his happy dance as we walk down the path of Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkady. I just hope Prasad doesn’t scare the tigers with his moves 😉

Inma & Eva are having a great time at the tea plantation of Munnar. This hill station is also the place where Inma & Caroline doing some sunset dance.

Waiting for sunset in Alapuzzha. Our backwater cruise on Vembanad Lake is one of our best experiences during KBE trip. Caroline also shows her smooth happy dance here.


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