Kerala Blog Express: Eu vou!!

27th February 2014

After nearly two months of waiting, officially left the outcome of the 25 participants selected for the #KeralaBlogExpress. And Guess only, I will be one of the members of this that has everything to be an unforgettable journey through the beautiful state of Kerala in southwest India .

Despite starting the year filling the patience of God and the world asking for votes on Facebook and social media blog, and finish in the top 25 placed in the vote by the public general with 577 votes. My participation in this trip still was not 100% guaranteed until the official announcement yesterday. It still depended on a number of logistical steps, which started with the decision of a panel of judges appointed by the Kerala Tourism with the mission to select from over 600 registered participants from over 80 countries, the finalists of the competition.

Things began to take shape from January 24 when I the other finalists received an email warning that had been “selected”. From there he began the paperwork and more chatinha the trip, getting the Indian visa. Finally after almost three weeks of waiting, my passport with the visa for India returned to Wellington home here, and from then I started to search for tickets.

As the Kerala Tourism was still negotiating with some discount airline partners Cias more waited a few days until they announce that they will be subsidized up to 50% of the passage to a ceiling 700USD. As will be coming out of New Zealand, the most viable option (no need to apply for another visa) was issued my ticket via Singapore with Singapore Airlines + Silk Air.

Anyway, I’m still waiting for more information and details about the itinerary of the trip , but what I know so far is that I arrive in Trivandrum 09 March and return to Auckland from Kochi on 26 March. I’m super encouraging for these 17 days on the road and I can not wait for the day of travel. In addition to some posts here for the blog, I hope to bring a lot of pictures of this country that is photogenic by nature.

In the KeralaBlog Express group four winners US and India, three from Brazil and the Philippines, two from Germany, Spain and Indonesia and one each from Denmark, Mexico, Poland, Italy and Portugal. A diverse group with different backgrounds, but they have a common passion: Traveling !!

The participants are #KeralaBlogExpress ….

ShaveTheWhales, Germany

Germany - Caroline Loharman

SameSame, Brazil

Brazil - Daniel Nunes

MauOscar, Brazil

 Brazil - Oscar

Gaia Passarelli, Brazil

Brazil - Gaia Parasseli

Shinimichi, Denmark

Denmark - Michele Rasmus

The World Travel to Spain

Spain - Inma

UnaIdeaUnViaje, Spain

Spain - Eva, USA

USA - Edin Chavez 

AwaySheGoes, USA

 USA - Delia Harrington

JustinWasHere, USA

USA - Justin 

MilesToMemories, USA

USA - Shawn

EazyTraveler, Philippines

 Philippines - Edgar Zlan Zeta-Yap

ThePinaySoloBackPacker, Philippines

 Philippines - Gael Hilotin

IvanHenares, Philippines

Philippines - Ivan

Stephania Van Lieshout, Netherlands

Netherlands - Stephania Van Lieshout

The Tiny Taster, India

India - Roxanne, India

India - Prasad, India

India - Vijay Nambiar

MyGreedyBackPack, India

India - Tarun Gaur, Indonesia

Indonesia - Dina

Disgiovery, Indonesia

Indonesia - Taufan Badai Gio

TheSyracusas, Italy

Italy - Emanuele Siracusa

LosSaboresDeMexico, Mexico

Mexico - Elsie

Osiemstop, Poland

Poland - Hello 

Nelson Carvalheiro, Portugal

Portugal - Nelson Carveilheiro

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