Kerala Backwaters

22nd May 2014

Kerala Backwaters.
One of the coolest things I did in India was take a house boat throughout the Kerala Backwaters, I have to tell you that no matter what I say here you will never fully understand until you actually experience it, and yes it needs to be in your bucket list. Here is a short video made by Stark Communications so you can get a better idea.

Talk about a fairy tail. Let me tell you. This aren’t your typical boats, this are really cool boats from some sort of weird dream you had as a kid.

A houseboat is loaded with rooms, and all the animates you would expect in a hotel or at your own house. There is a Captain and a Chef and they are at your feet. If you want to stop somewhere and get something or check something out, all you have to do is say so. If you are hungry they will cook up a feast for you, if you are thirsty not a problem, what else do you need to completely relax and get lost in pure bliss?

When we hit the Backwaters I was tired and in need of a break, I had no idea what I was in for, the entire trip had been go, go, go, and I figured this would be no different.

Boy was I wrong, I finally realized that we would be in this boat all day until the next morning. As soon as I realized this, I put my camera down and work was over. I pulled out my laptop and started playing some music cursing through the backwaters with a cold beer in hand. Working had gone out the window at that point. No more thinking about photography or blogging…

This truly was an incredible experience, you get to see all the locals along the back waters and they are all so happy to see you. The boat cruses really slow so you can truly take everything in.

We made a few pit stops along the way to get some essentials, we were dancing and the whole thing was super chill. Much needed after a few long days of work.

Even though I put my camera away and I was done with photos for a day, I did manage to snap this few shots for you guys to get a tiny idea of what I’m talking about. Just with like anything else, I feel its always important to put your camera down and relax and enjoy whats in front of you, you can burn your self out and turn a good trip into a long work trip, this was starting to happen to me until we hit the house boat. I hope all of you get to experience this once if your life time and this is not my last Backwaters trip.

A special thanks to Rainbow Cruises for hooking us up with a killer boat and better yet an amazing unforgettable experience. If you ever make it out there tell them I sent you to get a great deal 🙂

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