desi In God’s Own Country: Kerala Blog Express

27th February 2014

First Blog post from Kerala:

Ah! After months of waiting I am in Kerala, as part of Kerala Blog Express, a unique initiative by Kerala Tourism. As some of you would remember that I participated in Kerala Blog Express along with hundreds of other bloggers from around the world. Thanks to all the love and votes by readers of desi Traveler, here I am in the beautiful southern state of Kerala along with 25  top travel bloggers from around the world.

I visited Kerala last time many many years ago and for some reason or other my next trip always got postponed, but here I am finally chatting with some of the finest travel blogger from around the world and some from India. Check this link to find out who all are here as part of winning the Kerala Blog Express.


We would start our tour tomorrow morning in a special bus and cover all the wonderful places in Kerala, and first hand find out why Kerala is called ” God’s Own Country”.

Here is the itinerary, that Gaila Passarelli, who was the first to arrive from Sao Palo, Brazil shared with us.

So we will cover historical, cultural, wildlife, nature and even religious hot spots of Kerala.

I met fellow travelers  at the airport was joined by Emaneule, who arrived from Thailand, though originally he is from Sicily.

By the time I reached hotel it was already dinner time and I just said hi to some of the bloggers there. I am yet to talk to them in detail except for few of us who stayed back for some chit chat about travel around the world. We talked about poverty, tourism, scams in tourist places, basically everything related to travel.   I was happy to meet some of the people I have interacted on Facebook and twitter like Tarun Gaur and Vijay Nambiar and Shawn Coomer, who now lives in Las Vegas, a city that gets more visitors than many countries.

I did meet a few more, but we just talked and never formally introduced ourselves, but we will be in same trip for 2 weeks and will have a lot of stories to exchange.   I like being a traveler :)

I will keep you all updated with regular tweets and blog posts about the same. The hashtag  we are using for same is #KeralaBlogExpress. So keep watching this space.


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