Ayurveda Treatment: How to choose a Holistic Ayurveda Treatment Center

26th March 2014

 How to choose an Ayurveda Treatment  Spa or Resort:

Ayurveda is the oldest medicine science in the world, and was conceived, researched and practiced in India from the times of Vedas. Ayurveda means the knowledge of life. Ancient Indians researched thousands on plants, foods and discovered the medicinal plants that mother nature has gifted us. Used wisely these herbs in combination with lifestyle changes and Yoga can do wonders to your health.

Although Ayurveda is practiced throughout India, it is in Kerala it is practiced in its purest and holistic form. Every resort that we visited had a holistic Ayurveda center with complete wellness packages available.

Ayurveda treatment uses a lot of hot aromatic herbal oils

As compared to modern medicine that has more focus on an ailment and symptoms, Ayurveda looks at holistic picture with focus on lifestyle, diet, prevention, cure, for body, mind and soul.
We were in the one of the Ayurveda cum Yoga spa,  and the physician there, who is almost 70 but looks much younger explained the key principles of Ayurveda. Considering he looks at-least 20 years younger than his age, I am sure the principles he follows and preaches must be working.

For somebody like me who worked for one of the largest pharmaceutical company in India the presentation was very interesting. Now if you are an Indian and have never used Ayurveda, then let me help you with a few things that you may have used without realizing that you are using the knowledge that Ayurveda has given us:

Blossom of an herb used in Ayurveda treatment

But these are really simple things compared to the secrets Ayurveda holds. As per every physician that I met in some of the Ayurveda healing centers in Kerala Ayurveda is particularly useful for

Chronic Ailments like

  • Body  and joint Aches
  • Migraine
  • Acidity
  • Ulcers
  • Piles
  • Skin conditions  like Allergic dermatitis, psoriasis
  • Obesity
  • Liver diseases like cirrhosis
  • Heart conditions
  • Blood related disorders

But the important thing to remember is you need to follow the advise of the physician not only about what to eat and what not to eat but also how to cook the food, when to eat it and how much.
Another thing to remember is that it is not a one time gig, you need to follow the principles of Ayurveda as a part of your lifestyle choice and begin by detoxifying your body, before the treatment can begin.

An Ayurveda Spa Village in Thiruananthapuram Kerala

While Ayurveda treatments are available at all price points and hotel category levels, so far we have visited some the best resorts where we saw the same.

Ayurveda spa’s water body an attempt to be close to nature

An Ayurveda Physician talks about benefits of Ayurveda

Local fruits are also used in Ayurveda Treatment

Sadya : Are you willing to eat vegetarian food during stay for Ayurveda Treatment

Here are some questions to ask before choosing an Ayurveda Healing center, spa or hospital.

1. Does the Ayurveda center has qualified staff attached to it by staff I mean physician, therapist, dietitian and masseurs.
2.Is Ayurveda center  a stand alone treatment center or if it is in a hotel, it should have a separate area for the Ayurveda treatment. A hotel with a room used for massages is not an Ayurveda Center in my opinion.
3. Are they approved by Kerala and or India Government to offer the services they advertise.
4. Does the Ayurveda center offers stay or is it only a day center.
5. Stay away from places that offer a 100% guarantee or miracle (there is no such thing as 100% guarantee in any medicine system)
6. Where does the Ayurveda center sources there herbs from?
7. Is the Ayurveda center growing its own herbs? Buying it from farmers or collecting it from forests?
8 Can the staff speak at-least one language that you speak? I mean you don’t want any communication gaps with people who are in-charge of your health, food and wellness.
9. Are you willing to make commitment to the duration of the treatment about your food habits, sleeping and sex habits etc. You are not allowed any non-vegetarian food or alcohol during your Ayurveda treatment. Abstaining from sex is expected from participants during detoxification of body.
10. Always good to get some references before you check into an Ayurveda spa or center.

11.Last but not the least- you need to understand that there are complete Ayurveda centers and places that only offer massages. So you need to be clear about your aim, is it only Kerala style Ayurveda massage or a complete Ayurveda holistic treatment along with Yoga. As  Yoga and Ayurveda are closely connected and to get the most out of them combine them with expert guidance. But remember to not to experiment on  your own, as you will than do more harm than benefit to your body.


You are not allowed any alcohol during most Ayurveda Spa Treatment

Rest assured if you choose your Ayurveda treatment spa or resort with care you will get the most out of the time and money you will spend.

Yoga and Ayurveda are closely related and most spas will have both



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