Experiences from Season 1

Getting My Hands Dirty Eating A Traditional Kerala Sadya

The Sadya – Traditional Food Done Right Note: I recently completed a fifteen day press trip through Kerala, India which was sponsored by the state’...

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The People Of Kerala, India

I have noticed casually over the years that most travelers find themselves isolated from the locals in one way or another. Sometimes this isolation...

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How To Deal With Travel Exhaustion (Fatigue)

Don’t Get Exhausted If you have ever spent more than a few days on the road, then no doubt you have dealt with travel exhaustion of one type or the...

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My First Few Days In Kerala Told Through Photos #KeralaBlogExpress

While I see myself more as a writer than a photographer, Kerala is an extremely photogenic place.  I have not had any time to edit these photos, bu...

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Is This The Hardest Job In The World?

Fishermen in Kerala After arriving in Trivandrum the other morning, I was taken to a beautiful resort named Estuary Island outside of the city in a...

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