Experiences from Season 3

SilkAir- Kochi to Singapore

After two incredible weeks on the Kerala Blog Express, my time in India had come to an end… or so I thought. I was excited to learn that I would be...

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This is Kerala

This is the land of a million palm trees. Of crashing waves and white sand and coconuts fresh from the tree. This is a land of fishing nets cast fr...

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Top 10 desserts of Kerala, India

At the mention of Indian food, thoughts of garlicky naan, spicy curries and loads of rice dance in my head, making my mouth water. I’d only tried I...

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Wayanad: The adventure capital of India

Before visiting Kerala, adrenaline and India just didn’t go together. Unless we’re talking about the adrenaline rush of making it through traffic u...

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Kerala at first glance

It only took a few seconds for Kerala to obliterate my expectations. Kerala is one of 30 states in India, but to lump it in as “just another state ...

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