Experiences from Season 3

Kalaripayattu And The Art Of Deciphering The Sadya

Forget the coconut in everything, the gorgeous luxury hotels and the kick ass food, one of the coolest things in Kerala is their very own Martial A...

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Experiences from Season 1

And Those Who Were Dancing, Were Thought To Be Mad By Those Who Couldn’t Hear The Music – Kerala Blog Express

Like other Indian states, Kerala is devoted to its culture of dance and music. Without even visiting you automatically associate Kerala with Kathak...

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7 Must-Have Dishes In Kerala: Try More Than Just The Dosa!

Southern India states each have with their own unique identity, culture, language, customs and cuisine. Unfortunately, many North Indians categoriz...

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Munnar Musings and the bus ride that turned me into singing sensation – Kerala Blog Express

After spice shopping and the beauty of Thekkady, suddenly I find my self in the hills of Munnar. It’s much cooler and the only thing you see all ov...

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Tales From Thekkady – Kerala Blog Express !

The first thing I was instructed to do when I told my folks I was off to Kerala, was to buy as many spices as I could possibly carry back. Kerala i...

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KBE – Tales of the house boat excursion and the best meal till date.

This is where the Kerala Blog Express starts to get really interesting. Alleppey a region in Kerala that’s famous for its massive backwater channel...

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Kerala Blog Express – A Day Of Snake Temples, Crazy Curry And Responsible Tourism

Kerala is as religious and spiritual as any other state in India. Serpent or Snake worship is as common here as any where else in India. Though I’m...

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Chomping My Way Through The Kerala Blog Express!

It’s been three days of Kerala surfin’ and third time’s the charm! I finally had my first thoroughly satisfying Kerala styled meal.  So far I’ve ha...

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